About A Few Of My FAVORITE THINGS: Copyright 2015 by A Few of My Favorite Things Made with MAGIX We started our family owned business in Canal Winchester over 10 years ago as a way for our family to have a home business that would allow us to be able to spend more time together as a family. We first started by going out to our local farmers market and seeing what products that were there that we might be able to produce and that would fill a need for customers at that farmers market. We started by making and selling baked cookies, muffins, breads and other products in 2005 at the Canal Winchester Farmers Market. Over the first few years, we found that customers also wanted pies and jams and we found a way to fill that need. With the growth of farmers markets all over Central Ohio Area, we have met the needs of a   growing loyal customer base in these farmers markets. Our business has continued to grow to include different farmers markets as well as phone orders. In 2008 we became a vendor at the biggest year round farmers market in Central Ohio-The Worthington Farmers Market- where we are going into our 8th year now.  Along the way we found that people were also interested in canned jar products like pickles and relish. We met that need and attained a commercial canning license and found a facility nearby for us to process our canned jar products. We have since added the Pickerington Farmers Market as another place to sell our products. Over the years, we have been able to grow our company with the many farmers markets, events, phone orders and additional products which have helped us grow a large and loyal customer base. We would be happy to serve you and show you our products and have you also as one of our many satisfied customers. Thank you!